Peoria County Pro Bono Help Desk

Navigating Legal Process

If you are representing yourself in a civil legal case, volunteer attorneys are available for 30 minute consultations to answer questions, explain legal procedures, and provide general direction on your case.

Located on the 4th Floor, Room 422
Peoria County Courthouse
10:00 am - 12:00 pm
Every 2nd Wednesday & 3rd Thursday
of the month 

PLEASE NOTE:  Volunteers are only available to provide brief and one-time advice and information.  They are not able to represent you in court with your legal matter.  The help desk is not able to assist with matters involving domestic violence, or on emergency petitions or orders.

Help Desk 2018 Dates

  • December 12th
  • December 20th

Help Desk 2019 Dates

  • January 9th
  • January 17th (CANCELLED)
  • February 13th
  • February 21st
  • March 13th
  • March 21st
  • April 10th
  • April 18th
  • May 8th
  • May 16th
  • June 12th
  • June 20th
  • July 10th
  • July 18th
  • August 14th
  • August 22nd
  • September 11th
  • September 19th
  • October 9th
  • October 17th
  • November 13th
  • November 21st
  • December 11th
  • December 19th